Sunday, February 19, 2006

A little dental follow-up

Following MatGB's post—and I'd like to thank him for his sterling work in keeping The Kitchen hot—about NHS dentists, I would like to draw your attention to this little article which my father found in his Telegraph one morning (you see, as Angel's Cafe pointed out, I get everything from Daddy, darling).

Apparently, it was a bit like finding a turd in his cornflakes.

I cannot find thhe article online, although I did find this one, so here it is in all its gleaming, brown glory...
Ministers act over dentist queues

Well, this can, surely, only be a good thing; perhaps they are upping the pay rates for dentists in order to encourage more to take on NHS work? Or maybe it is some highly trumpeted (but ultimately worthless effort) at spending more of our money that might, at the least, highlight the problem of the NHS dentist shortage?
Ministers have urged health authorities to prevent long queues of people trying to sign up for NHS dentists by insisting on them applying by telephone or letter only.

The shortage of NHS dentists has caused hundreds of people to queue to register when a new practice opens.

Nope. Ladies and gentlemen, NuLabour just want to ensure that their streets are nice and orderly, not cluttered up with horrible poor people attempting to be a drain on government resources.

These people really are the fucking pits, aren't they? Mind you, it brought a smile to my face by reminding me of Schrek...
Puppets at the Information Center: [singing]
Welcome to Duloc
Such a perfect town
Here we have some rules
Let us lay them down
Don't make waves
Stay in line
And we'll get along fine
Duloc is a perfect place

Please keep off of the grass
Shine your shoes
Wipe your... FACE.
Duloc is, Duloc is
Duloc is a perfect... place.

But what makes me shudder so...?

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