Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy Slapping

Hmmm, I have just been watching the footage, on ITV news, of so-called "Happy Slappers"—"people" who commit violence and film it on their mobiles.

Let me make one thing clear right now: this is just not acceptable. These people are so far beyond being utter fucking savages that they should be beyond the law. This means that they should be unprotected by the law.

I propose that these little fucks be beaten to death with their own mobile phones by their victims and their victims' friends and family. In fact, one can imagine that this is all that might deter them. For, of all the attacks found on this particular phone, not one had been reported.

Or, as the ITV reporter said, "no one had nothered to report the incidents to the police". The thing is, you see, that if the police weren't constantly playing politics, making up their quotas with easy-to-catch motorists, attending diversity seminars, setting minimum theft damage levels and reprimanding their officers for making too many arrests then people might bother reporting crimes to them.

Unfortunately, most people's perception of the police—and, frankly, I haven't seen any action from the fuzz to dispel this opinion—is that "the Shit" (as they are known in Newcastle) don't give two fucks about the population that they are supposed to protect.

So, Happy Slappers should be ritually buggered and beaten to death with their own phones, and then the police chiefs are next. They are all cunts, and not even worth the air they breath. Seriously, they should die.

UPDATE: more, and the relevent videos, from Drinking At Home.


Mr Eugenides said...

So, in summary, you don't like them then?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Oh, come on, Mr E; it I boiled it down to posts that simple, they would just consist of the name of today's hate, and "i don't like them" and where would be the fund in that?

Actually, it's more than that; as the victim of a couple of unprovoked attacks, I more than hate them; I loathe them with a white-hot rage.

I might not actually have them killed, but I would like to see them publically flogged, and preferably by their victims. This kind of barbarian behaviour is utterly unacceptable and so selfish that it demeans us all.

These people will bring nothing of any worth to society, and we would be better excising such diseased tissue.


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