Thursday, February 02, 2006

Danish cartoons

As requested by The Inkslinger, I am posting a link to his entry on those Danish cartoons. The Inkslinger would like everyone to post the cartoons, as a protest against censorship. The Inkslinger also posts about the motivations for doing this here.

I would post them, but I am afraid that I am leading my own personal protest* and refuse to acknowledge that Mohammad was someone of any importance whatsoever. Therefore, why post any images of the man?

* Actually, I'm just a wee bit busy and not too interested in this whole furore at the moment. I may well post them later on today when my deadlines are out of the way.


the ink slinger said...

Nice logic there.

Is any deity of any importance, particularly those of the desert variety?

Cap duly doffed.

Ed said...

C'mon. Show some solidarity. Shandon's famous Mince is calling for havarti to be consumed in greater quantity to make up for the Saudi boycott.

The Pedant-General said...


don't worry mate: I've got it covered.

And you can register your support here.

Danish commitment to Free Speech: FUCK YEAH!


L said...

I've never been so bloody proud to be a kaffir!

Bacon's all right too...

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