Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Are British squaddies terminally stupid?

Now, generally speaking, I have the greatest respect for our "brave boys" (as The Scum would no doubt term them) in Iraq. However, having seen this, one can only assume that a few of them are not only unworthy, but also terminally stupid.
Military police have arrested a serving soldier after pictures appearing to show UK troops abusing Iraqi civilians were published in a UK newspaper.

Seriously, have they learnt nothing from the Abu Ghraib scandal? For God's sake, if you are going to kick seven shades of shit out of a few Iraqi teenagers, don't—in the name of fuck—video yourselves doing it, you thick twats.

Christ, it's almost as though these idiots wanted to end their careers in shame and ignominy. And, of course, completely fuck up any credibility the British Army may have had in Iraq.

Stupid, stupid bastards.
Mr Rubaie said the allegations, if they were true, were "not acceptable".

He called for Iraqis to take part in the investigation, adding that any soldiers found to be responsible "must compensate those victims and apologise to them directly".

Still it is good to know that even in Iraq there is nothing so sordid that it cannot be made more so with a mention of money, eh?

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