Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Archbishops grab their ankles for the Imams

Via Scott at The Daily Ablution—who is, once more, deconstructing the differences between the public and "private" pronouncements of various frangrant Imams—we find that our Archbishop and his predecessor are both arseholes (in case you didn't already know).
Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in a speech at Mansion House in London last night called for Christians and Muslims to show each other mutual respect, vital to a healthy society. "The western world likes to think it is inviting other cultures into a peaceful and enlightened atmosphere of civility. But the strangers ... may well be dismayed to discover that this peacefulness and enlightenment seems to include licence to express some very unpeaceful and unenlightened attitudes to minorities...

Christ on a fucking tricycle, but I'm fed up of the word "minorities". I mean, why is insulting, assaulting or murdering a member of a minority group any worse than doing the same to a member of a majority group? And these "minorities" may well be "dismayed" at these views, but that, frankly, is tough shit.

And even if the scales have been painfully ripped from their eyes, no one is stopping them from buggering off back to whatever god-awful shithole they originated from.
Just what kind of civility is this? 'Can't you take a joke?' is the immemorial alibi of bullies."

Well, he's right about the civility bit; politeness should be what puts a curb on the possible excesses of free speech. One would like to ask the Reverend "Dim Dhimmi" Williams what kind of civility those protestors and their plaques were showing to their hosts, but there we go. These Christians believe in forgiveness and forebearance, and we are very happy for him. The bearded wanker.

Meanwhile, his predecessor had previously come out with another Christian classic.
The former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, called the cartoons a "deliberate racist attack" but warned that the violent reactions of some Muslims risked doing more damage than the cartoons.

Like so many people, Lord Carey seems to have a problem separating out race and religion.

Let me spell it out for you, Carey, you fish-faced fool: you cannot choose your race, i.e. you are born black and, if people discriminate against you because of your colour, then that is wrong. You did not choose to be black and, unless you are Michael Jackson, you cannot change your colour, even if you wanted to.

Your religion, however, is a choice; you have chosen these views and thus you should be open to those challenging your views. This is why we are against laws which discriminate on the grounds of religion: because they are, inevitably, laws constraining free speech.

Mind you, Carey has always been a fucking tosspot, so the fact that he cannot see these differences—which are almost as simple as he is—is hardly surprising.

It's lovely to see the Christians looking out for their flocks in the traditional Christian manner, i.e. with a dollop of guilt and a healthy helping of self-hatred.

They are both contemptible men*.

* I use the word "men" in its loosest possible sense, naturally.

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David said...

Once again I find myself entirely in agreement.

While Carey is a "fish faced fool" Rowan Williams is a "fungus faced fool." However according to the BBC his one redeeming feature is that he is "sympathetic to the proposal that the Church of England should lose its established status."

Another wasted life serving an irrelevant concept.

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