Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Web chat fun

Via Jarndyce and Justin, we find that some Labour appara-chick (well, less a chick, more of an overweight old boot, and an unelected overweight old boot at that (can we know what's she being paid please?)) is hosting some sort of web conference. The other two have decided that politeness is the most productive way to go about getting questions answered. I concur, so I posted this:
How, precisely, do you plan to command "respect" when everyone in this country can see that the Labour government treats the electorate with utter contempt? Our Prime Minister has lied to Parliament and to the people of this country on a number of issues, not least over the "sexed-up" dossier, and yet he keeps his job; if he wants "respect" should he not lead by example and resign, bury himself in a big pit and pine away in shame?

I'm afraid that that is as polite as I get...

Go and submit your own questions here.

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