Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Via Chicken Yoghurt and his exciting new post format, I am reminded of Pigdogfucker, whose post on these peepers I am entirely in agreement with.
So, if you’re a bored CCTV operator, and you zoom your camera at a fit girl’s un-net-curtained living room, then it’s certainly true that you’re a sleazy sub-Carry-On dodgy person. However, the idea that you’ve seriously harmed anyone is fucking laughable. So the fact that some Scousers have been sent to jail for doing precisely the above is ludicrous.

It is, however, very much worth pointing out that, had successive governments not instilled in their workers the idea that they have a god-given right to spy on HM's subjects all the time (and, of course, installed the infrastructure in the first place. At our expense), then this need never have happened...

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