Saturday, January 14, 2006

Unsustainable growth

Yes, there is such a thing.
The number of people working in the public sector rose by 9,000 over the past year, figures have shown.

Phew! That many, eh? Still, the private sector must have done pretty well in order to fund that growth, eh? No. The private sector employed only 3,000 more people in the same period.
There have been 52,000 public sector jobs created since devolution in 1999, meaning it employs almost a quarter of the Scottish working population.

Although the private sector employs about three times as many people, public sector employment is growing at nearly twice the rate.

This is simply not sustainable: how the hell is all of this going to be paid for?
The Scottish Executive said this was not just about cutting numbers, although the number of civil servants in Scotland had fallen by 2% in the past year.

This is a lie, it is just job-shuffling. The number of employees at the Executive has grown by 18%—and the number of people employed by quangos such as Visit Scotland (possibly the most useless tourist board ever invented) has grown by a staggering 38.6%—over the last six years.
  • Public sector employees: 577,300 people

  • Private sector employees: 1,890,700 people

  • Local government employees: 232,400 people

  • Scottish Executive employees: 15,500 people

Absolutely unbelievable! And naturally, the fucking second-rate councillors who infest that piece of shit building at the bottom of the Canongate, don't understand the problem. They think that they are doing a fine job.
Finance and Public Service Reform Minister Tom McCabe said: "The rise in the number of teachers, police and health service staff over the last few years is evidence that our investment, coupled with a strong economy, is making a real difference.

Frontline staff have increased by about 15,000. The number of fuckers employed shuffling paper about has increased by significantly more.
"Overall employment in Scotland - both private and public sector - is at an all-time high and we have an economy that is stronger and more stable than it has been for generations."

Employment doesn't count if the public sector is hiring them all, you stupid fuck. The public sector doesn't generate wealth, it consumes it. These public sector jobs are being created at the expense of the wealth creating private sector.

Not only are the private sector being slammed with massively high taxes, but all of those cunts employed by the cunting public sector are doubly depriving the economy because they could be out there, generating wealth in private business. With lower taxes and a smaller public sector, the private sector could be employing these people, and actually growing at a decent rate, rather than half that of the public.

Tom McCabe is a useless, ignorant dozy cunting fuckwit. I think that he should team up with Polly, and together they could run for my new competition: the Most Stupid, Useless, Divorced-From-Reality, Socialist, Fuckwit, Slack-Arsed, Couple of Cunts prize. Bastards.

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