Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tony's flatmate: what a cunt

Lord Falconer is, once more, pontificating on ID cards.
Lord Falconer told BBC Radio Four's Any Questions: "The question is should you require - and I think ultimately, unless there is compulsion, you won't get the benefits of an ID card system - is it right to compel those that don't have a passport also to get an ID card?

"I think it is, I think it will become inevitable that you need reliable means of identification, both to stop people stealing your identity, and also making it much, much easier for you to deal with the state.

Can I just take a minute to point out that this fucker has been elected by precisely no one. As far as I can make out, he got the job of Lord Chancellor (shortly after Toni tried to abolish the post and then found that he couldn't without primary legislation) because he lived with Bliar. The question being, as always, what does he know about Toni? Or is it simply that Our Glorious Leader still owes him a tenner for the electricity bill in 1978 or something?

Personally, I don't want any more dealings with the state: I try to keep my dealings with those bastards to an absolute minimum. As Nosemonkey points out, every time I deal with the state, they try to take money off me.

Besides, Falconer, you fucking tit-faced arsehole, what exactly are "the benefits of an ID card system"? I mean for us, the ruled, rather than you, the unelected rulers? We all know what you get out of it: power. What exactly do we get? Apart from spied on?

The government has admitted that ID cards will not stop terrorists, and it will not stop fraud. Apart from anything else, the documents which one will use to get a card are easily forged. If they weren't, we wouldn't need these crappy biometrics (which don't work).

Falconer then tries to appeal to the 20% of fucking illiterates that Labour's shitty schools churn out every year.
"You won't every time you want to change something have to fill in a long form, life will just become much easier."

Go and boil your head, you whiney old trout. Since most of these forms ask you considerably more than "who are you" this is, essentially, a tacit admission that everything about your mundane life will be held on file and scrutinised by some bastard in government. Actually, not having been to one of NuLabour's wonderful comprehensives, I don't find filling in forms too difficult. Of course, if NuLabour made the forms a fuck sight simpler, it would save time and money all round. As would sacking Brown, who is, pretty much single-handedly, responsible for making everyone's lives a good deal more torturous.

You make my eyes bleed in rage, Falconer; just the sight of your fat, smug face is enough to make me want to kick a spaniel. So, fuck off, Falconer, you cunt.

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Anonymous said...

Cu*t is the word... Keep up the good work.

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