Monday, January 23, 2006

The Scotsman on trust

The Scotsman reports that the private sector in Scotland is fucked.
Businesses have shed 17,000 jobs over a period where the government and its various agencies have hired 24,000 more staff - the exact reverse of the trend promised by Jack McConnell, the First Minister.

The CBI has warned Mr McConnell that his avalanche of government spending is now hurting the economy by squeezing out companies.

An unpublished survey of Scotland's labour market by the Office for National Statistics has found 707,000 people are now employed by the government - almost one in three jobs in Scotland. Such a ratio is rarely seen outside Scandinavia.

This is far higher than the official 577,000 figure published earlier this month by the Executive. But the ONS study includes people like GPs and quango staff - who are technically independent, but work only for the state.

This is fairly appalling. Although not as appalling as the Leader which—and as it's a paid link you'll have to take this on trust—contains a sentence saying that the public sector is starving the private sector of workers.

No, you tossers, it's not. The bloated salaries and jobsworths in the public sector are being funded by massive taxes on business, and thus it is cash, not workers, that the public sector is taking from the private. The private sector has "shed" jobs. This means that it doesn't need any more workers, so the public sector can hardly "starve" the private of workers. It's really very basic, isn't it?

SCOTLAND'S job market outpaced the rest of the UK for the eighth month running in December, with wages and salaries continuing to rise.

A further robust expansion of staff appointments was recorded, with permanent placements rising at the fastest pace for more than three years.

Despite the threat of fresh cut-backs as Scottish companies, particularly manufacturers, battle sluggish economic growth and strong overseas competition, the country's labour market appears to be in rude health.

Well this is wonderful news! Would you care to tell us exactly how many of those jobs are public and how many are private sector? You wouldn't?


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Anonymous said...

This is hardly surprising given all the extra taxpayers' money that Scotland gets under the Barnett Formula.

And why would anybody trust anything that Jack Fuckonnell says any more than Tony Bliar? He has been shown on many occasions to be an arriviste, Z-list freeloader with the integrity of a jackal.

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