Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Royal Bank of Scotland is shit*

Gosh, the things that you post when you're pissed, eh?

Still, the Royal Bank are a load of crap. I have heard (from Bill amongst others) that their personal banking—especially in the last two years—has become very good (although I have not found it to be particularly special). Unfortunately, their business banking leaves an awful lot to be desired. Just for clarifiation, I bank at the Edinburgh West End branch and, admittedly, my problems may stem from the unbelievable incompetence of the staff that they hire.

My dealings with the Royal Bank have been pretty poor; I was advised to go with them when I started the business, and that has been a mistake.
  1. Firstly, I also switched my personal account to them at that time. I asked if, should I do this, they would match Barclays' £350 overdraft limit. They assured me that they would. Naturally, this was a lie, and they had given me an overdraft limit of only £100. The first that I knew about this was when I tried to take some money out, and couldn't. Because, equally naturally, no one had bothered to tell me that they hadn't matched the overdraft, and had thus effectively deprived me of £250 which I simply couldn't afford to lose.

  2. That was when the letter from Barclays, demanding that I pay off the £350 overdraft with them, came in. I thought that the RBS would close that account. Alas not. Still, my bad, I'm sure.

  3. All this meant that there were problems with bills being paid, me going over the overdraft limit, and these led to my first application for an overdraft for the company being turned down.

  4. I have been through three (or, assuming that they have got around to appointing a new one, four) business managers. The first I never met, despite assurances that he would have a meeting with me, rather than one of his lackeys. This same lackey then became the business manager.

  5. Eventually, he got an overdraft in place, and emailed me to tell me it was on the account. I went to the nearest branch to get some money out and, hey, guess what? The overdraft wasn't in place, and that branch had to 'phone him. When I pointed out that he was a bit of an idiot, the teller, with a rueful smile, agreed that he was.

  6. When a bill, for which I didn't have enough money, was to go out of my account, the bank moved, without my authorisation, £250 from the business account to my personal. The auditors will have fun with that!

  7. There were supposed to be no charges on the account for the first six months; they put charges on. I rang the business manager in a rage, and he refunded the charges, and then extended the charge-free limit until September. Or he said he had. Needless to say, the next bank statement had charges on, and I had to ring him again.

  8. I communicated with the business manager mainly by email. Having emailed him several times and received no reply, I finally 'phoned the branch. He had left, and they hadn't told me, or even bothered to keep a watch on his email address.

  9. Now on the third business manager, who I went to see shortly before Christmas. I wanted to try to extent the overdraft, and get some information on the Small Firms Business Loan Guarantee. I had a good meeting with her, and stressed the urgency of the overdraft request. I also offered to provide any materials that they might need in order to get it in place. She promised to phone me before Christmas. I sent a couple of emails asking whether there was any progress; answer came there none. On the 25th of January, here I am, still waiting.

  10. So, I 'phoned the branch last Thursday: she wasn't available, but would call me on Friday. I 'phoned again on Friday; she wasn't available, but she would 'phone me on Monday. When I pointed out that she had failed to call back previously, the person that I spoke to stressed that I would definitely get a call on Monday. Here we are at the end of Wednesday, and still no call.

  11. After applying twice for internet banking (it has to be a hard copy for limited companies), firstly last November 2004 and again last March, I still haven't got it. Apparently, even the business manager cannot call the internet banking people, they can only email. I need to apply again (which means tracking down the company secretary again).

  12. Apparently, cheques paid into the business account (even from other RBS accounts) can take six—yes, that's six—working days to clear (as I found to my cost—about £35 worth of cost—at one point).

These are the gripes that I can think of, simply off the top of my head. There is a whole litany of other minor annoyances and irritations, but the above are the substantial points. So, as soon as this company's running nicely again, and I get some time to sort it out, I am going, very politely, to suggest that RBS shove their crap business up their collective arsehole. In the short term, however, I shall ring them in a blistering rage tomorrow. If the relevent person does not get back to me within half an hour, I shall stride down there in a towering strop and hang about looking menacing until they find the person I need to speak to.

In the comments, Adelante points out:
That'll be the private sector wealth creators for you then. Cunts eh?

Quite so. And, if private sector companies are shit, what do we do? That's right: we withdraw our business from them. And, in this case, we also do everyone else a favour and, quite seriously, recommend that no one else use that business's services.

What we say, in fact, is do not use the Royal Bank of Scotland, because the Royal Bank of Scotland is shit.

* Changed on advice from the P-G.


Bill said...

On the assumption that you mean 'The Royal Bank' my view is that they are one of the really great Scottish organisations, that has succeeded in outgrowing massively its own homeland with great success. Personally I have always found their service to be first-rate and although I worked for another equally great bank (HSBC) have always done my Scottish banking through the RBS. So I won't be linking to this particular post. Sorry :( Sorry, also, that you've obviously had bad experiences with them.

Katy Newton said...

I am waiting with bated breath. Or is it baited breath?



They both look wrong now. Anyway, get posting. Chop chop.

The Pedant-General said...


I've just linked to you and you have gone and changed the title of your post, so the permalink won't work.


Devil's Kitchen said...

I had to: it was spelt wrongly!


Ordinary activist said...

That'll be the private sector wealth creators for you then. Cunts eh?

Anonymous said...

Natwest are crap too.

Fidothedog said...

RBS - Does that stand for Royal Bowel Syndrome? They may be bad, but as someone who worked, and has just gone back into the finiancial services sector I can say that Lloyds TSB will win hands down for there ability to fuck up a situation in record time.

This is what they did to me as an employee:
1/ Fucked up my staff account - then told me I could not close it (I did anyone)- that cost me around £400 to sort out in total.
2/ Sharesave - ended up costing me money - long fucking story and well annoying - took 2 years to resolve!
3/ Took out contents insurance - with a staff discount - that cost me more than what they were offering "new customers" and a hell of a lot higher than some others on the high street. When I switched I saved some £10+ a month!
4/ Shitty treatment when I put a claim in on my over priced contents.
5/ When I complained about all the above, I was politely told by a manager to "be loyal to the company"
6/ Then when I blogged it, the cunts tryed to get my ass fired. I ended up jumping ship to another company.
7/ Since leaving I have cost Ltsb some 24 customers that I managed to convince into changing their accounts to other banks, and managed to level the scales of justice in my favour.
8 Lloyds Tsb sucks and blows - thats not a complaint, but a heartfelt comment.

David Farrer said...

This kind of thing is a real pain these days and of course it’s even worse in the state sector. I suppose the dumbed-down education system is to blame together with our national antipathy to “service”.

The best approach is to write to or phone the Chairman of the board – ideally at home - and let the culprits know that you’re doing so. Over the years I have faxed the Chairman of BT (problem fixed plus two bottles of wine in compensation), spoken to the Chairman of Southern Electricity (workmen came at EXACTLY nine AM on a Saturday although “we don’t do weekends” according to the branch), and by referring loudly to the name of the Chairman of American Airlines at the Gatwick check-in getting upgraded to First Class plus enough AA miles for a subsequent trip to Rome.

That way it almost becomes enjoyable.

MatGB said...

What is it with bloggers and banks today?

I show the bank my red bailiffs letter today (fun fun, must pay fines on time, not when overdrawn by £2K), and there's nothing she can do. I ring the number that she gave me, they can do even less.

Good job I got home to find I'm due a council tax refund, else eating would be an issue next month...

G'luck, again...

Ordinary activist said...

Which is the state sector bank david farrer? Would love to join it!

Anonymous said...

i work for rbs and they are shit they give us two weeks training and then throw us out to deal with the customers. i spend my day trying to deal with shit caused by managers and senior staff that dont do thier jobs. they give us a 10% bounous yearly if we hit our sales target so whilst im getting yelled at im expected to get the people to take out more crap products and get in higher debt and to top it all after taking three months off for stress and depression caused by working for the little cunts they put me on a warning and cut my pay " welcolm back" to hell they dont care about customer service or thier staff ... please dont blame the staff blame the managers we dont get enough training and have to figure out most of the systems all on our own.

Anonymous said...

tha absoulte rubbish rbs is a great place to work its people like you that are givin a shit service and not botering to ask for more training coz you couldnt be bothered to listen whilst in training

Unknown said...

RBS is not a great place to work. I worked within Group Technology for about 3 years and when i had the balls to highlite the stress i was under i was fired. Cunts the lot of them. They waste money on IT projects hand over fist. I say move your accounts to the HSBC as they provide a far superior service. Oh and Lloyds TSB are a bunch of ass bandits too. They waste even more money than RBS.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old thread...but I googled 'royal bank of scotland' and 'cunts' and this came up, which pleased me as I feel the two phrases go together perfectly. If there was ever to be the perfect personification of incompitence, it's running RBS.

Anonymous said...

I worked for RBS for almost a year when I found my team manager looking through an absent colleagues bank account details. When you begin work with RBS they insist that you open an account with them (or they won't pay you!) I always thought that this was a fair enough way of making money and protecting their interests but then I find my Team manager looking to see if the absent member of staff had been out spending money the night before (to determine if he was ill or hungover that day!) Not only this but then he proceeded to look through that days activity to see if he had used a cash machine - proving he was well enough to leave his bed! I asked him if he had ever heard of prescriptions costing money at which point I was told to get back to work as he was joined by his superior and they continued to look through his personla account. This activity is rife throughout the bank but unfotunately the Data protection act requires you to report any infringement to your company and not them! I quit 7 weeks later.

Anonymous said...

I just opened a Student Account with RBS. I was sucked in with all the offers and gimmicks, especially the 'interest free overdraft of £2750'. Thats a load of shite, obviously. If I could atleast get my free webcam, or £100, or a member of staff that knows what the fuck I'm talking about, please. I've applied for my overdraft 5 times in 4 different branches and been assured it'll be available "within 48 hours" ... 48 hours. The things you can do in 48 hours, well, if you're me, I'm checking my balance every 5 minutes praying to be blissfully unemployed for the next month before the loan comes in. The Royal Bank of Scotland is shit, yeh I agree.

Anonymous said...

I work for RBS in a senior role. I moved from an 'english' bank.

I have found them to be the bitchiest, most jumped up idiots I have ever met.

I am a female and have been made to feel the most unwelcome I have ever felt anywhere. I have been told I can't go for jobs which I am qualified for and RBS is a place where you are only welcome if your face fits (e.g. you have a penis, are white and fit in well in a titty bar).

I will be out of there in the next month. They make me sick as an employer.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good one. I deposited 4 cheques, using the pay in slip beeklet provided. Got the counterfoil stamped. The amount never appeared in my account, RBS admit they lost the cheques.

Their reaction? Tough Tit. I must get replacement cheques myself. No apology. RBS takes no responsibility for my property (e.g. 4 negotiable documents) which they admit they had in their safe keeping.

Avoid these crooks at all costs! and the thought that they are paying out 5% of the taxpayers money in bonuses to themselves in view of their appaling performance makes me puke.

Anonymous said...

Heres a good one - I work for RBS and they are a bunch of cunts. mothersucking cockfucking cunts. Thats all that needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for RBS thay have not got a clue how to run a branch the managers are all B**tards all they think abt is SALES POINTS how to force a customer to have there crap products service dose not even cum into it at all & the staff they recruiting get wrose & dummer dummer day by day thank god im out of it all coz they are a BIG JOKE

Anonymous said...

Much as I agree about RBS I think it says a lot about the people posting comments and using words like c--t to express themselves.

Steve Beecroft said...

here ia another sorry tale of poor RBS Customer Service

Adil said...

I think that rbs is a bank that takes care of its staff and i feel it is unfortunate that you feel upset with the bank. If you work for any organisation you will notice the common politics. RBS is a great organisation to work for and i hope their share prices increase over the years to come.

Anonymous said...

these f,in wnx gave me 3 charges
on the 28th [got paid at 3pm on
28th. 3x£38pound charges.
we,ll give you half back for
goodwill they said. 3 weeks later
still f##kin waitin.
every man woman and child need to
walk away from these cntz....NOW

Anonymous said...

I vote to just liquidate the entire fucking company. Split their assets up and form a new bank that actually works.

I thought there was supposed to be a financial ombudsman?! what the fuck are they doing letting such a disregard for contractual obligation to slide. tossers.

Anonymous said...

I started at RBS and got no official was all on the job and I was thrown in the deep end with customers immediately. I got one week to shadow another employee and take notes. They then expected me to know it all. I didn't and I was constantly stressed. Even when I tried to order the uniform I had to pay for myself the computer system wouldn't work. And my boss got very mad. I actually despise the place now. I can honestly say 2 or 3 were alright the others were all horrible to me. And they didn't even pay me for working overtime. I had to phone up time and time and time again. Awful. If your thinking of joining them don't

Anonymous said...

I work at RBS in a managemnt role and have been there 2 years. I hate it, the Heads of Department are vicious, nasty bullies - particularly the females who think they have to behave badly to be accepted. I dread going to work every day, I am micro managed by a "control freak" Head who has no experience except being a bezzie mate of a senior exec, critised, spoken down to and generally treated badly. I have never experienced such bullying and harassment in my life. As soon as the job market picks up, I'm outta there pronto. Worst employer ever!! I hate them

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