Sunday, January 22, 2006

A quick reminder

Remember, if you use the Haloscan commenting system, your remarks will not be saved for posterity; they will disappear into the aether. So, please use the Blogger commenting system, and then I can delete Haloscan...




Bill said...

Hi Devil

So, please use the Blogger commenting system, and then I can delete Haloscan...

Forgive me for being dense, but if you simply deleted the Haloscan commenting from your blog, then no-one could use it. Or am I missing something?

I like Blogger a lot, having used it since long before Google bought it (since when it has become much more reliable, of course), but I prefer to keep my eggs in more than one basket no matter how wonderful Google seems to be, just as you folks who constantly tell us how wonderful are the alternatives such as Firefox or Opera, etc, to IE. I've found Haloscan pretty reliable, on the whole, so I plan to stick with for a while yet for my commenting, specially as Blogger doesn't support Trackback so far as I am aware.

Cheers! (Chablis this evening, for information)

Anonymous said...

does Haloscan not keep the comments if you give them a bit of money?

and more to the point, if you change to blogger (which I must say I prefer) is there trackback, and can that clever man at the DK rescue old posts from Haloscan?


Blognor Regis said...

I think the good doctor is right. I think Haloscan keeps recent posts (say the last 100) on one database and backs up archives to another. Your monetary contribution allows the archives to be seen however I've noticed that doesn't mean the number of comments left appears in the link - pres it though and they're there.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I'm not going to pay, and nor can I afford to pay, Haloscan to keep my comments; and certainly not when I can get the service for free on Blogger.

One can remove Haloscans comments without losing the Trackback facility (as the boy Yoghurt has done).

I never quite got rid of the Haloscan comments, because there were some good arguments and comments there, and was hoping that people would voluntarily switch to Blogger; I could then delete the Haloscan stuff without having to worry about recent conversations disappearing.

Doc, don't think that I can rescue Haloscan comments, I'm afraid.


P.S. Bill, have a glass for me...

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