Saturday, January 07, 2006

More integration fun

UPDATE: Robert Sharp has an interesting take on this case, citing it as proof that our system works. Go read.

Via The G-Gnome, more fun and joy from the religion of 11th century ignorance.
A Moroccan father of four girls who imprisoned his wife and children in their flat "in the name of Islam" received a 10-month suspended sentence and was stripped of his parental rights yesterday.

The man, from the town of Romans-sur-Isère in the Drôme region, said he had refused to allow the girls to go to school without the Islamic headscarf, which is banned in state classrooms.

An unemployed benefit claimant, he argued that he was the "only person able to give them a decent education".

The girls, all born in France, had rarely left their flat in La Monnaie, a poor housing estate, and had never got further than the lobby.

They were forbidden to play with toys, watch television or read anything other than the Koran. Their only permitted activities were crochet and cleaning. None of them speaks a word of French.

You see, now that really is a decent education. That is, if you use the word decent in the restrictive Victorian sense. Or the Islamic sense.

Of course, I'm just being an ignorant generalist here, naturally. The problem here, as always, is that these people were just not integrated, and they were poor and disadvantaged. And now, your starter for 10...

Why were they poor, disadvantaged and unintegrated?
  1. Because the father was a lone nutter,

  2. Because the evil French stopped them integrating,

  3. Because I'm an evil, white, male bigot,

  4. Because the father was a strict adherent of a repressive religion that treats women as nothing more than bargaining chips which should never be equipped with the learning and contacts to allow them to break away from their dominating patriarchs, and that these "traditional values" are far more important than integration into the society in which you have chosen to live.

Feel free to answer in the comments, or feel free to email me if you are stumped for an answer and would like a crib-sheet.

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chris said...

Not exactly a hard question there DK, even if I suspect that the Islamic studies lessons all the kids seem to get now would have 3 as the answer (2 at the very least).

As for why he actually did it, "knowledge unfits a child to be a slave."

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