Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lembit Opik: an honourable man.
Mr Opik accused fellow MPs of having forced Mr Kennedy out without giving party members a say in a ballot.

"They've got what they wanted and we lose the most successful party leader we've had for 83 years," said Mr Opik.

"I think they have violated the values of the party and crucially they have given their impression that their words and their views are more important than the electorate which chose him in the first place, and I don't think that's very constitutional.

Mr Opik appealed for a "unifying" leadership contest. "I think that we've done the damage to ourselves. It's been the political equivalent of self-harming in the last few weeks.

"We now have the chance for that to stop, as long as colleagues behave maturely. The very worst thing they can do is behave in a leadership election the way they have carried on towards Charles Kennedy."

Good for him. He's obviously cross, and disgusted at the way some members of his party have behaved and he is not afraid to say so.

A politician with a sense of right and wrong and—dare I say?—honour: who would have thought it?


Anonymous said...

The problem, I think, is that many of his colleages aren't happy at the way Kennedy has behaved

L said...

Maybe. But there is a strange and revealing echo of all these events in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. One can quite easily cast all the parts, with Opik obviously as Mark Antony (with a strange recursiveness to his "honourable men" speech!).

If one has the patience to continue with this play (which did not quite know when to stop, in my opinion), there is little good to be said for Mark Antony, his effect on Rome, and possibly for his honour.

It's just an interesting comparison to make, that's all. It will be fascinating to see how all this "plays out"!

MatGB said...

Oh, Lembit's always been a decent bloke, gods know what he's doing as a politician, let alone one of reasonable media profile, you could almost call him succesful. He's honest as well.

Completely nuts though, makes the likes of thee and me look positivelty normal by comparison. Ah well.

Neil Harding said...

I wonder why Lembit is not running for leader? He is most certainly the best the Lib Dems have got.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Mat, the fact that the man is unashamedly barking is a plus-point as far as I am concerned. Having a loony liberal leader might be the only way that we'll get any sensible policies coming out of Westminster!

Neil, this line in the Beeb article is interesting:

Mr Opik ruled himself out of this election, but said he would run for leader next time.

He seems fairly sure that there will be a next time within his parliamentary life? Does Lembit know something that we don't? Does he think that any leader elected in these circumstances might not last long? Or has he perhaps seen Menzies Campbell's cholesterol-level report...?


Snafu said...

Is Lembit Opik just bitter that he has backed the wrong horse this time!?!

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