Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jack Idema: DK comments

The more that I read about the Jack Idema case, the more I think that I was completely right (rather than correct) to sign up to the blogburst.

Regardless of whether you view Rottie's language as being imflammatory (I know that some do; personally I see it as "spirited" or, possibly, "uncompromising"), regardless of your opinion on America's current interventions abroad, regardless of whether or not you think that Jack Idema was a member or US Special Forces or a freelancer, the fact that these three men, one of whom is definitely a non-combatant, are in prison (and torture is documented) should have the blogosphere up in arms.

Look at the row over Uzbeck citizens being tortured by their government and our possible use of evidence from these detainees; why is the fuss over Idema any less? Look at the way in which we castigate our government for breaches of our rights; why is there less fuss over Idema and his colleagues? Is it because he is American, or is it simply because we don't expect the Arabs to run a fair trial anyway? Could it be that some on the blogosphere are indulging in the same double standards of which we so often accuse the MSM?

Those who know that I am hardly any kind of bleeding-heart, touchy-feely campaigner for peace and love—rather the opposite—but frankly I am appalled at the treatment of these men, and our lack of response to it. Perhaps it is cynicism...

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