Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Howling Mad Murdoch

Given the way in which he runs his empire, I don't suppose that it should surprise me that Rupert "Howling Mad" Murdoch can hold at least two opposing views at once.
Mr Murdoch said that while he thought Labour had been "a pretty good government in many ways", he believed the country was "over-taxed", which harmed business.

Well, he's right about the tax although, since neither Murdoch nor NewsCorp pay tax in this country (and possibly not in any other either), it's difficult to see how he relates that to his life. But, seriously, in what way have Labour been a "pretty good government"? Only Neil Harding and really stupid people believe that NuLabour have been anything other than a complete disaster.

But, harken, for the real lunacy is yet to come.
"They have... extended the nanny state, the welfare state, and destroyed, gone a long way to destroy, this idea of personal responsibility for people's lives.

"It's up to people to get on, and it's up to the government to get out of their way, tax them less, give them more incentives."

You are absolutely correct, Rupe. So, what do you think about the Cyclopean old Labour bastard who has implemented all of this?
When asked about Chancellor Gordon Brown, expected to succeed Tony Blair as prime minister at some time in the future, he said: "I like Gordon very much and I share a lot of his values. The Calvinist background I guess... Scottish blood, you know he does seem to believe in the work ethic."

It seems that Murdoch is a very Christian sort of a guy: he hates the sin, but loves the sinner.

Or can it be that he simply hasn't made the connection between Gordon "he's me best mate, mate" Brown and the high-tax economy? And, yes, Rupe, we all know about Gordon's work ethic: we work, and then he takes the fruit of our work, and hands it over to those who don't work. I'm not entirely sure where his ethics come in though.

Rupert "Howling Mad" Murdoch: what a twat.

A very successful twat, for sure, but a twat nonetheless.


michael the tubthumper said...

the next election will come down to who out of brown and cameron gives rupert the best BJ

Bill said...

Yes Devil I entirely agree with your analysis of Murdoch's seeming split personality where NuLab and the Blair/Brown 'project is concerned, but his madness has not led to his business having crashed down in financial ruin. I've no doubt he enjoys being received like a royal potentate wherever he travels, as he was in Downing Street, and he'll say whatever is necessary to allow this, and his business in this country, to prosper.

I stopped reading The Times when he bought the title - quite obviously I have never read either The Sun or the News of the World and I certainly don't subscribe to Sky. He is a noisome, but successful, man.

Blognor Regis said...

Neil Harding and really stupid people.


Martin said...


I am tempted to write,

'People who've had Blogger profiles for years without setting up blogs'.

But that would be unworthy.

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