Sunday, January 22, 2006

Harding on Respect

Neil Harding is, once again, banging on about how wonderful Princess Toni's Respect agenda is. Like Chris, your humble Devil gives kudos to Neil for his sense of humour in changing his blog title to Brighton Regency Loony; although this post, once again, only proves that the truth is in the blog name.

I won't go into detail: The Longrider has, once again, done an excellent job of arguing the civil liberties agenda.
Well, I guess I agree with the balance thing. However, the point he - and government seem to consistently miss is that this is a common law democracy. Under such a system, unless something is specifically outlawed, it is permissible. Therefore, those of us who value liberty are under no obligation to justify or quantify it. It is anything that statue does not specifically prohibit. It is beholden on those who wish to remove them to make their case and justify the prohibition.

However, I would like to just take a tick to look at this little paragraph.
As I have stated before of course these measures need to be accompanied by more positive measures such as helping parenting skills and reducing poverty. These are areas where this government has made huge progress and these measures also make up the majority of the respect agenda.

Yeah, well, the problem with this is that it is utter shite. Firstly, no government which includes Tony "Liar" Blair, Jack "Dob My Son In For Dope" Straw and Dave "Shagger" Blunkett is going to try to teach me parenting skills. I must have missed the meeting where politicians, such as Mark Oaten, demonstrated how much better than us they are at bringing up children. In fact, other than Marc Dutroux and his ilk, I can think of very few groups of people I would rather didn't raise my kids than politicians.

Secondly—and once more we turn to the ever-excellent Strange Stuff for a good summing up—reducing poverty by giving people money doesn't work. As Chris points out rather eloquently.
The Welfare State has turned prudence from a virtue to a sin, rewarding the imprudent with the wealth of the people willing to work for their own futures. So it is no wonder that the savages are thriving at the expense of the civilised.

The Welfare State is, to a very great extent, the cause of the problems which has led to the proposal of the Respect agenda. Also, NuLabour have not reduced poverty, they have increased dependence on the state, and decreased social mobility. The greatest burden of increased taxation has fallen on the poorer people in society because our Cyclopean Chancellor has refused to increase the personal allowance in line with earnings growth, and the increase in the NICS contributions has hit the lowest earners (and the smallest companies) hardest.

If NuLabour really wanted to curb poverty, rather than simply bribing millions of people to keep voting for them paying out vastly complicated means-tested benefits, they would raise the personal allowance to, for instance, £10,000, or even £12,000. They have no interest in doing this, of course, because that would render many of the bribes benefits unnecessary and would put power back in the hands of the people rather than the state.

NuLabour are a cancer in this country, and the kindest thing that I can say is that I wish cancer on them. And most of their supporters too.

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