Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Evil walks the streets (again)

Via Snafu, yet another story of unpleasant little shits being, well, unpleasant little shits.
A MAN who told three young men to pick up litter that they had dropped in the street was subjected to a savage beating, a court was told yesterday.

Closed-circuit television pictures of the three attacking Raymond Beattie was shown to the court. The three men could be seen launching a “brutal and sustained” attack on their victim, who was knocked to the ground and then kicked and stamped on.

Bristol Crown Court heard how the men attacked Mr Beattie, 45, in broad daylight in the centre of Bristol. Danny Rich, 20, Craig Martin, 18, and Ricky Vockings, 20, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and were each sentenced to one year in a young offenders’ institute.

One year? What the fuck is going on? And why the fuck are they in a "young offenders' institute"? They are all over 16, they should be in jail, and probably for attempted murder. The wee shitebags.

They should also be made to pay the costs of the case, and certainly the costs of any loss of income by the victim. The thing is with these little cunts is that the victim could easily have been one of us. We may not be involved in drug-dealing or crime families, but nor was this victim. He simply asked them to pick up litter.

This is why people do not feel safe in the streets: because little fucks like this get one year in fucking PrisonLiteTM. They should be sent to a hard labour prison, where they get beaten up and, hopefully, buggered to death. Actually, yeah, put them into a government care-home; that'll sort 'em.
The court heard all three defendants had been drinking heavily before the attack and were “deeply ashamed” of their actions.

Really? Good, then they won't mind being made to feel fucking sorry for doing it in the first place then. The violent, drunken, little cunts. I hate them and I hope that they suffer.


Anonymous said...

What I'd like to see is a job creation scheme for prisoners. We could have, like, a CHAIN GANG going round the streets picking up litter, dog shite, and those red rubber bands from the post office. Either that, or get them to build a massive pyramid. That woulb be really cool.

Anonymous said...

They could have been doing something really criminal, like feeding the birds. The world really is going to hell in a the proverbial hand basket. Every day something makes me lose my temper. Perhaps I should divorce myself from the world and stop looking at the news...

Anonymous said...

i wont like that at all the wanker got fukin chopsy so he had it commin. who the fuck do u think you are u cheeky bastard

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