Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Edinburgh University Rector and BEER!

Via Mr Eugenides, an amusing poll for you all to take part in on the site of Rector nominee Mark Ballard, total nobody and Green MSP (is that tautology?).

And what are the current results?
  1. Boris (super OE-type chap): 283 | 78.4%

  2. Ballard (non-entity): 74 | 20.5%

  3. Linklater (I'll link later. If I can be bothered): 3 | 0.8%

  4. Pilger (supporter of moral equivalence and journo scumbag): 1 | 0.3%

This, despite the fact that, as sources tell me, Boris's recent visit to talk to the Edinburgh students culminated in some rude fuckers tipping beer all over him (actually, it was probably lager. The cheap, student fucks).

I always admire the way that the Left argue: it's always reasoned debate rather than beer-tipping, pogroms and gulags, eh?



Mr Eugenides said...

Now, now. No-one ever suggested subverting the poll.

Anyway, I wouldn't trust the pinkoes who frequent your site to vote correctly.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that Boris was attacked by Lefties? It could have been, say, Liverpudlians.

doctorvee said...

Well, they were calling him "you top-up Tory" (I don't know what they're worrying about -- it's not as if it affects Edinburgh students!). It was probably People & Planet, they're always up to something.

Simon Hodges said...

As an irritating lefty, I was leaning a little toward Ballard for my vote. Ignore that the rector has very little power and Ballard's slogan 'campaigning rector' is perfectly vacuous, I admired his pluck.

However, the rector's job is mostly ceremonial and therefore the chap needs a fair grasp of the principles of publicity. By posting an open poll on voting intentions when he knows Johnson is the favourite, Ballard shows he is clueless in this regard.

So now I'm voting for Pilger, just give us a sec while I work out why.

Simon Hodges said...

Oh and this is hot off the press from the Student for you rector-watchers:

"Mr Johson [sic] was mobbed by over 600 students in one evening, one of whom even invited the higher education spokesman to sign her bare chest, a request Mr Johnson dutifully obliged.

'We love Boris, he's got such nice fluffy hair,' said twenty year old history undergraduate Sophie Posgate in the Opal Lounge, 'We'll definitely vote for him.'

Yup, definitely Pilger.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Well, they were calling him "you top-up Tory" (I don't know what they're worrying about -- it's not as if it affects Edinburgh students!).

A couple of years ago, I was having a discussion with a very pretty, righteously-angry, middle-class student who was, quite seriously, berating the Tories for bringing in tuition fees.

Wow, the education these young people have these days, eh? University: worth every penny...


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