Sunday, January 22, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother

I am currently, for lack of anything more attractive to do, perusing, for the first time, Celebrity Big Brother. Your humble Devil doesn't know who most of these people are, and is bollocksed if he can be bothered to look at a website to find out, so you'll have to bear with him.

Michael Barrymore
Doesn't he look old? Almost as though he were being sued by the parents of Stuart Lubbock...

Blond bit
Thick as shit. Patently fancies the speccy guy.

Black bird
American tart.

Black guy (Dennis Rodman?)
In bed.

Tall unshaven one (Maggot?)
Silent as the grave.

Short speccie guy
Seems OK, if a little uncommunicative.

Pete Burns
I would have voted this weirdo out by now; I simply cannot deal with something so ugly first thing in the morning. What's with his fucking lips...?

Gorgeous George
The guy has the eyes of a psychopath; when he looks straight into the camera, you can tell that the man is absolutely bat-shit mad. Run! Run while you still can...!

No, but seriously; he is totally fucking looney-tunes.

There you are: that's all you need to know. Ta-ra, chuck...

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