Sunday, January 22, 2006


Bad luck, Mark. Hahahahahaha. How entertaining...

Curious Hamster is asking whether this actually matters or not.
The question is, does it matter who Oaten chooses to associate with in his free time? Does it affect his ability to be an effective politician? Why does anyone care who the man sleeps with?

OK, firstly, protitution is illegal. Therefore, as a client, Master Oaten is in a legally dubious position. And, secondly, he is married, and has therefore lied to his wife.

Does any of this matter? Well, fundamentally, not really. However, since people already think that politicians are slippery liars with the morals of an alley-cat, having it proved is always a disservice to both said politician's party and politics in general.

On the other hand, everyone who works for Murdoch is an utter cunt.

I find myself somewhat conflicted.


L said...

Like some others, I find it morally wrong in itself to accept that prostitution is "inevitable".

Frankly, I don't care - and don't believe it is my business - if a politician is unfaithful to his/her wife and family, whether with the opposite or with the same sex. It's a common failing, though failing it certainly is.

What I do mind about is a politician supporting prostitution by being a customer. It's an occupation no one should follow. It's destructive and corrosive, not to mention dangerous, for the prostitute.

If there were no customers, there would be no prostitutes.

Oaten's behaviour is well beyond the boundary of morality, far beyond the wrong of adultery.

Besides which - what sort of shit-for-brains does he have, to believe that he could have got away with this?

He has apologised for "lack of judgement", not for doing something palpably wrong which has deeply hurt his wife and children. Hmmm...

Devil's Kitchen said...


I tend to think that we should legalise prostitution, myself. It would make it safer for those working in the (ah, that wonderful phrase) "sex industry".


Garry said...

A minor point of order:
OK, firstly, protitution is illegal.
Hmm, don't think that's actually true. The chap in question was soliciting on a website though so he was probably breaking the law.

There's no doubt Oaten was being very stupid but I'm inclined to question the motives of the NOTW.

MatGB said...

As the Hamster observes, prostitution itself isn't illegal; it's just everything else surrounding it (including anything that could actually make those involved safe) is.

Oaten had pretty much proven himself an arse while a candidate for leadership, to find out that his answer to the "do oyu have any skeletons" question was actually "yes, I'm not actually happy in my marriage and am paying for sex with someone else" when he was portraying himself as a family man.

That pissed me off; politicians that want to keep their private lives private gain respect from me, I don't care how many kids they've got, etc, I care if they can do the job.

In this case, he portratyed himself as 'normal' and tried to get votes because of it. That's why I now dislike him.

Serf said...

.......There's no doubt Oaten was being very stupid but I'm inclined to question the motives of the NOTW......

Its a sex scandal. Since when have they needed any special motive to print such stuff?

By the way, I would never vote for a man who behaved in such a stupid way.

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