Monday, January 16, 2006

Bloody Devil Awards

Bloody Devil AwardA couple of Bloody Devil Award submissions have come in.

Firstly, edjog at Disreputable Lazy Aliens lays into our lords and masters over the Craig Murray documents.
In my name? In my fucking name? You disgusting cringeworthy shitbags: not in my bastard name you don't. I've done some fucked up shit in my time, but you lot are proper fucking scum. Oh aye, you need them fucking steel gates and armed police alright, and the way you're going it won't be to protect you from terrorists either. You horrible bastards: you honestly make my fucking stomach turn.

Definitely a good few gratuitous insults there, and we are happy to include our government under the definition of "objects of public derision" so that qualifies nicely; good work!

The second Bloody Devil Award goes to our new contributor, Mat Bowles of Great Britain, Not Little England; Neil Harding definitely counts as an object of public derision and, although there's a distinct lack of swearing, Mat does lay into the silly sod quite effectively.
No, don't worry, I'm not posting this to support him. You see, it's so bad I thought I'd give him some more publicity.

Well done to both bloggers. Do, please, keep the nominations coming in; remember, the Bloody Devil Award is for people who fisk objects of public derision but who also pepper the post with gratuitous but intensely satisfying insults...

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