Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bloody Devil #6

Bloody Devil AwardRight, now this really does deserve not only a Bloody Devil, but also a round of applause: Talk Politics is going Clarkson!
I think that I've finally reached the end of my tether with bureaucrats - no not just any old bureaucrats but the very worst kind of pencil-necked pen-pushing low grade morons that stalk the festering corridors of the bureaucratosphere. You know very well the ones I'm talking about, the ones with big desks and even bigger job titles, the ones who believe themselves to be experts, and worse still professional experts - the ones who think that they know best because that's their job.

I want you all to die. No seriously I do. I want you to go out this evening, go into the garage, fit a hosepipe to the exhaust of your car, run it in through the sunroof, turn on the ignition and sit there until you breath your last breath.

You think I'm joking here, right? Of course I'm fucking joking - that kind of death's way too fucking good for you, way too pain-free and easy. That's right I don't just want you all to die, I want it to be painful, really fucking excruciatingly painful, worse than 24 hours straight watching Galloway prancing around in a red fucking leotard painful.

Why do I feel like this you want to know? Of course you want to know, its your fucking job to want to know these things, makes you feel all warm and squidgy and fucking self-important doesn't it?

The whole post is a joy from beginning to end, and it's just so right. I too wish bureaucrats, and especially those of this particular stripe, would go away and kill themselves. It is the only decent thing for them to do. The only reason that I was considering withholding this Bloody Devil is because these cunts are not objects of public derision: they are a public menace, a danger to the freedoms of us all. They recommend and justify the state's further interference in our lives, these so-called "experts". They are all utter cunts, especially the women, and I hope that they fucking die.

More cancer wishes to the lot of them.

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