Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Apologies: a British icon

Many apologies for the lack of blogging: I have been hideously busy over the last couple of days attempting to sort out the old company stuff and, as a consequence, appear to have lost touch with stuff.

However, one cannot go long without commenting on our wonderful new £1 million (wouldn't i have loved that contract!) website, where you can vote for English icons. Where the money has gone, Lord knows.

The website is run using a free Open Source Content Management System, licensed under GPL, called Plone which is the front end to a web application server called Zope. Zope is resource intensive and, as such, the icons website will probably run on a dedicated stand-alone server. This will cost in the region of £200 per month. The entensible add-ons—such as the Icons quiz—will also, in the main, be free and Open Source. Thus the money has mainly been spent on the styling and setting up of the system.

Anyway, some of your humble Devil's nominations for English icons:
  • The football hooligan.

  • The illiterate 14 year old.

  • The pregnant 12 year old, with an income (from benefits) equal to that of the entire GDP of Burundi.

  • Useless, prohibitively expensive public projects, such as the new Wembly Stadium (due for completion in May 2067), the Millenium Dome (remind me, what is it costing to sit there doing fuck all?) and the Scottish Parliament Building (I know, I know, but it was built with English money).

  • The whippet.

  • Tube strikes.

  • Crap, expensive trains.

  • Tony fucking knob-rot Blair.

  • The Big Smoke.

  • Prudishness.

  • Abject apologies.

  • The fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, who were always rather better than our police force even when that force wasn't spending their entire time at Diversity Seminars.

  • Political correctness (gone mad).

That'll do for now.

1 comment:

MatGB said...

The best bit about that site? I had a look over it last October.

New? I think not. The bloke who nominated Winnie the Pooh is a friend of a friend, got an email from him to go vote. It's at about 150 in the rankings. Oops...

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