Thursday, December 22, 2005

Worstall Watch #2

His Royal Scandium Dictatorship has a post up at TCS Daily (TechCentral Station) on the relative merits of Wikipedia and "authorised" encyclopaedias.

He also thinks that we should abolish death duties, which is something that, as regular readers will know, I totally agree with.

Some filthy socialists say that inherited wealth is based on luck. Well, so is being born without some hideous and debilitating mutation, but we don't tax healthy people for being lucky. But it is not based on luck, it is based on my parents' wisdom and foresight, and sheer bloody hard work. You could say that I shouldn't benefit from my father's wealth (even if I help him to achieve it?), but then why should anyone else—especially our bastard Chancellor—be any more deserving of reaping the rewards of my father's work? Why should some lazy, heroin addict in a council estate who pisses his life away be a more deserving recipient of my father's hard graft than me, his son?

Because, say the socialists, this gives me a headstart in life over other people. Yes. And. So. What? If my father decides to save his money so that I can have a headstart in life, why should some feckless bastard, who has just frittered away his own money, get some of my father's cash instead? But remember, to some fucking socialists, everyone should be equal: equally fucking poor, in other words. It's policy based on the usual socialist envy; it's a childlike "he's got a toy and I want it too" mentality. It makes me fucking sick. There is no moral argument for death duties, at all. Why not just tax everyone at 100%, divide the total by the number of workers in the country and then give everyone exactly the same amount, eh? Fuckwits.

Furthermore, you may have noticed that we have got a bit of a pension crisis looming. Well, is anyone surprised? I'm not; if you penalise people for saving, through a £5 billion tax on pension funds or a tax on saved wealth, then what the fuck do you expect? And, if El Gordo introduces the proposed tax on pension funds over £1.5 million, then the problem will get even worse. Once again, redistributive socialism promises to put us all in the gutter.

So what happens? Well, we have trust funds, which then lock capital away from the economy. Sure, it often goes into shares and other investments and contributes to the economy in that way. But it does not contribute immediately and directly by, for instance, allowing people to put capital down on a house, or having the capital to start a business. How many times does communism have to fail for you socialist bastards to get the idea that redistribution makes us all poorer? I mean, seriously? Death duties are economically unsound, locking wealth out of the economy.

Socialists are still the root of all evil and the sooner that these fuckers either grow up or, preferably, die, the better. It's the hypocrisy that I can't stand, you know. It's all of these people arguing about the betterment of others, and what they are really talking about is the betterment of themselves.

"I want what he's got, I want his toy, mummy Mister Chancellor. Saw it in half and then we've both got a bit."

"But then it won't be a complete toy. It won't work."

"Don't care. WANT IT NOW!
*stamps foot*

I despise you, I really do.

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niconoclast said...

Prezza exposed this Socialist envy of the achievers this week with his whiney 'I didn't get a prize for losing'routine.

Illustrating clearly the toxic pathogen of Socialism..

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