Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tube strike: no shock at all

So, the RMT workers are going to strike on New Year's Eve. How unshocked am I?
Of the strike, RMT regional organiser Bobby Law told the BBC: "We had no choice really.

"It's LU that won't suspend the introduction of the rosters which we believe is unsafe - not just for our members - should they be introduced. We believe they will be unsafe for the travelling public as well."

Really? Perhaps you woud like to elaborate on this theme? How, exactly, will it affect safety? Or are you just using this as another excuse to squeeze more money out of the London Underground?
An LU spokesman said: "The RMT's refusal to even talk with us is totally unreasonable.

"Withdrawing rosters agreed with nine out of 10 staff would cause chaos, disrupt staff holidays and undermine the 35-hour week agreement."

Remember, chaps, that LU drivers earn £30,000 per year for that 35 hour week, doing a job that any moderately intelligent 12 year old could do. Push lever to go, see a red light, pull lever back to stop. It's not exactly rocket science. As a matter of fact, I think that people have a harder job doing photocopying. Just fucking sack the bastards: you could probably hire and train new recruits to do the job in the space of the 24 hour strike.

Thank fuck I don't live in the hell-hole that is the Big Smoke. Every time that I go to the god-awful, shit-pit that is London, it reminds me why I live in Edinburgh...

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