Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Tories have lost my vote

This is a very good summary of why I am, even now, casting around—for the first time in my life—for someone other than the Conservatives to vote for at the next election.
We shall see a lot of protectionist, interventionist green policies and suggestions of doubling, tripling, what the heck, quadrupling aid to African dictators.

We have heard pronouncements from Master Oliver Leftwing on redistribution of people’s hard-earned money and have been assured that no real reform of the public services is contemplated.

We have seen the Conservatives fumble over the European budget, an open goal, if ever there was one. In the European Parliament they could do nothing, being part of the EPP, and left the field to Nigel Farage and Roger Helmer. In Westminster they managed to lose the ball. The Boy-King showed himself to be ignorant of the most basic aspects of the European project, which can be blamed partly on his researchers and advisers but largely on his own lack of curiosity about the outside world.

Clearly, his passion for recycling goes further than paper. He is recycling old socialist ideas on taxation, public services, education and international development. And, of course, he is recycling old rock singers.

Quite so. And I will not vote for socialists, hard-core or soft-core, and anyone courting Bob Geldof should, in any case, burn in the fires of hell along with his buddies, the Dergue government.
As the NGOs that stayed in Ethiopia began to face criticism in the press, Geldof leapt to their defence. "The organisations participating in the resettlement programme should not be criticised," he told the Irish Times on November 4 1985. "In my opinion, we've got to give aid without worrying about population transfers." Asked about the estimates that 100,000 had died in the transfers, he replied that "in the context [of such a famine], these numbers don't shock me."

With the exception of MSF, what neither the relief world, nor the UN, nor Geldof have ever come to terms with is that the Mengistu regime - ousted in 1991 - also committed mass murder in the resettlement programme in which Live Aid monies were used and in which NGOs using Live Aid funds were active.

Being simplistic costs lives. Geldof is both self-absorbed and simplistic. He shouldn't be advising the Tories on how to play a guitar, let alone how to help Africa.


chris said...

Personally I have never given my vote to just one party. However so long as they stay socially liberal and don't follow Blair down the road to Fascism I will probably still vote for them. They will, I hope, see the light on economics when reality hits them with a cluestick.

Anonymous said...

First time I've visited your blog which I enjoyed, although I'm spooked by the similarity of some of our views.

I feel I have however more succinctly summed up our feelings about Mr. Geldof.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...


I used my local IP address, that should have been:


Ken said...

Do you plan on pissing in the wind then, DK? I hate to say it, but if you actually want to change something in Britain, the Tories are your best hope. I have problems following a single party myself. But from reading your blog, I surmise that your leaving the Tory fold will only be to find some party on the right - which, whether you like it or not, have some considerably nastier elements than the Tory party, and which have no chance of becoming elected. By not voting Tory, you are effectively voting for a further-to-the-left party to remain in power. Although, of course, you commendably enjoy being bitter.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Oh, I may well end up voting for them. I'm rather hoping that this is just posing.

There's a few years to go yet...


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