Thursday, December 15, 2005

This is getting beyond a joke...

It seems that private business not only has to pay for our shitty education system, but also has to make up for its shortcomings too.
UK businesses need to increase spending on staff training if they want workers who measure up in basic skills such as literacy and numeracy, a report says.

The Department for Education and Skills (DfES) said that millions of UK adults lacked the essential literacy, numeracy and language skills needed for the workplace.

"Employers need to recognise this reality and play their role investing in training and helping employees master the basics and progress," a DfES spokesman said.

Well, shall we look at the reality here?
  • Businesses pay taxes on their profits, and they pay Employers Contributions too. Thus, they pay towards the government and therefore the education system.

  • The education system is so fucking poor, despite Tony's repetition of the word "education", that a significant number of people are leaving school functionally illiterate and innumerate.

  • The government expects businesses to expend more money on training these people to read and add up.

This is the basic message, isn't it? How soon before the government legislates on it, eh? But, surely, skills gaps are a bad thing?
Even so, one in five firms admits to having a skills gap in their workforce.

Yes, except that I'm willing to bet that the fact that their employees can't even read is not something that they were thinking about. They probably mean that such and such a person hasn't been properly trained in how to use this machine or that application properly.

I can't believe that any business would hire someone who cannot read, or add up. And if they do, I would assume that they would sack them pretty quickly, frankly. I cannot believe that, out of the 1 million or so unemployed people around at present, none of them can read. It shouldn't be difficult to test, eh?

So what would you do? Hire someone who can read, or hire someone who can't and then waste invest money in training them to read...?

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