Saturday, December 31, 2005

Some notes on style...

Just a quick post clarifying what I hope to achieve with this blog. Which is precisely stuff all.

A number of people recently have expressed an opinion on what they thought they be getting at The Devil's Kitchen, including Alex who thought that I would "defend free markets in a sensible and rational way". How wrong he is! My motto was "the personal rantspace of an Edinburgh designer" and that is pretty much what The Devil's Kitchen is. I have learned a lot about free-market ideas, and developed my politics, from other bloggers, whom I acknowledge often. But they do it better and more rationally than me.

I am happy to enter into debate, either on this site or in person, as I'm pretty sure that I can justify my position on most things. If I can't, then I am rarely intractible, and am happy to consider other ideas.

The comments on my entry at Scotland's Top Sites show a similar naivety. It is a comment on David Farrer's reviews that gets me though:
Erudite. Blogs like Devil's Kitchen should realise that less is more, and mere noise doesn't equate to quality.

Oh dear, whichever anonymous gentleman, or woman, who wrote this just doesn't get it.

I am not interested in being a news aggregator. This site exists to express my views on particular stories or events. Some posts I am pleased with, some degenerate into swearing (usually because I am so angry that I can barely articulate anything). I enjoy writing and, if I write at length, it is because I want to. Also, most of my thinking is done as I write, and there are many posts where, were you looking for such things, you can see the connection of thought processes. Some people have written to tell me that they enjoy my style whereas some—quite obviously—do not.

If you want short pithy blog posts, such as those, indeed, to be found at Freedom and Whisky, then that's great; on ye go. Me, I prefer the longer pieces, the ones that are a bit like MSM opinion pieces, but that are funny, accurate and occasionally outrageous. So that's what I write. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

But, whatever I write, please remember, if you don't like it, you have the right not to read it.


MatGB said...

Meh, you're an over educated ranting bigot who writes a big pile o' crap. Which is why I pretty much have a look at your frontpage every day.

Nolite tes bastardes carborundorum. Take the piss out of them instead, it's more fun. Oh, you just did; I'll shut up then.

Devil's Kitchen said...

You're too kind...


Anonymous said...

But, whatever I write, please remember, if you don't like it, you have the right not to read it.

Quite right, too. Your blog, your say - however and whatever you want.

There is always some smartarse who wants to tell us what to do - even in our own personal space.

How dull if all blogs conformed to the same style.

Mr Eugenides said...

Stop complaining. My review page consists simply of "Seig Heil!"...

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