Thursday, December 22, 2005

Should we leave the EU?

In reference to the Serf's post, this shouldn't even cause any kind of argument, especially after the latest budget debacle.

There are those of us who dislike this current brand of half-baked socialism that we are having to endure; it is destructive to us, both socially and economically, and, as embodied by the EU, helps to keep millions worldwide in poverty. We are, if you like, deliberately participating in—at the very least endorsing—wholesale murder on a vast scale.

The trouble is that the EU ethos and strictures control so much of our law-making. If we truly wish to return to a conservative government, as so many of us do, then we must leave the EU. The Conservative Party is edging ever closer to this "compassionate conservatism" that NuLabour espouses, and the truth is that they simply have no choice.

If you value any kind of democracy, if you want to stop thousands starving in the Third World, if you want to make us competitive economically, if you wish for only one of these things, then you have no choice but to support our withdrawal from the EU.

UPDATE: Chris also has a good post about the power-balancing argument.

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chris said...

Gavin Ayling said And no self-respecting Conservative can disagree
to which I would add nor any true liberals

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