Monday, December 19, 2005

the return of the return to selection

As the Education Select Committee swat ineffectually at Ruth 'no selection' Kelly as she attempts to distract John Prescott with a pie, it's worth remembering that we do have selective, state schools paid for with tax money.

In fact, there are about 164 of them. They even have their own national association - and are heavily oversubscribed because they are good schools which get very good results. As you probably know, they're called grammar schools - and while Labour won't open any more they don't dare shut or change the ones that already exist because they are very, very popular for reasons beyond middle class purity.

The talk of 'no return' to selection at 11 is largely redundant when in many parts of the UK there is... selection at 11. So, why is academic selection okay for some children in some areas, and not in others? Is the government admitting, maybe, that selection in one form or another can be good for children? Or are they just massive hypocrites?



Devil's Kitchen said...

Can I choose both?


MatGB said...

Because NuLab are a bunch of cowards who don't want to worry people. The small point that grammar schools aren't half as good as they're cracked up to be, fail the rest of the area and frequently get good results despite themselves is irrelevent.

I went to one, it got better results than the local sec-moderns, but not better enough considering the top 25% intake, in fact, the local sec-modern got better results if you compared marks at 11 compared to marks at 16.

Selection at any given age is just wrong; it gives a false perception of a 'good' school based entirely on the quality of the intake, and creates false 'failures' within the area. Streaming within schools is a good idea, and the 'socialists' that object to it are stoopid.

Anonymous said...

Ruth 'no selection' Kelly

Is she promoting some obscure Opus Dei agenda? To ensure the next generation are faithful to the Holy Mother the Church of Rome?

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