Saturday, December 24, 2005

Nuts to Christmas

I hadn't realised, but have now been advised by Wyndham, that last year the EU effectively banned Brazil nuts.
The European Commission has branded the nuts a health risk after traces of a toxin that can cause liver cancer were found in Brazil nut shells.

Each batch must now be tested for aflatoxins, and the cost of destroying those affected has made Brazils too costly for supermarkets to import.

It is still possible to buy just the kernels, as used in chocolate Brazils.

A spokeswoman for Sainsbury's said: "Like other retailers, we don't stock shelled Brazil nuts due to EU regulations. However, we have plenty of unshelled Brazil nuts in stock."

Yes, but I fear that the crap that gets near those unshelled Brazils during transportation is probably much more horrible than the aflatoxins that just may, possibly, be on those shells.

Please be aware that I highlight this as an example of EU stupidity: personally, I have no axe to grind re: Brazils. Mainly because grinding them with an axe is pretty much what you need to do to get to the damn nut. But it pains me to think that my own little Devils, should they ever manifest, will not have the thrill, shared by myself and my Satanic siblings, of the competitions of strength that were made possible by the Brazil's extraordinarily thick shell.

However, despite all of this, may I wish my readers a Merry Christmas*...

* I'm not going anywhere, but I thought that I would pop that in whilst some people are still looking...

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Anonymous said...

is this still the case, two years on?

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