Thursday, December 22, 2005

No one arrested for singing carols

As Curious Hamster—from whom I have appropriated this little snippet of news—points out, this is an extraordinary thing to be able to say, in all too many ways. None of them are good.

On January 13, I will have been blogging for a year. To date, I have written 595 posts, and I imagine that not one says anything good, in anything but the most mocking and sarcastic way, about NuLabour. I think that Blair and His Merrie Men have excelled themselves this year, especially in the "cracking down on our freedoms" stakes.

On my blog anniversary, I intend to present a roundup of all the joy that Labour has brought us over the last year. Feel free to nominate your... ahem... favourite acts of egregious fantasticalism that has been this Labour government. I shall then lay into them with all of the seasoned anger of 28 years, and all of the vitriol of a renewed year...

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