Friday, December 23, 2005

No matter who you vote for...

... a bunch of evil, fucking socialists get in.
The Tories should support the redistribution of wealth and try to narrow the gap between rich and poor, Oliver Letwin, the party's new policy chief, says today.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, he says: "Of course, inequality matters. Of course, it should be an aim to narrow the gap between rich and poor. It is more than a matter of safety nets."

Although he refuses to be drawn on specific proposals, he signals a dramatic break with the past by saying that his party should support the redistribution principle.

"We do redistribute money and we should redistribute money," he says. "But we have to find ways that empower people rather than reducing them to dependency."

No, Letwin, you buffoon: you are the damn Tories, you are not meant to be damn, fucking socialists.

There are alternatives to redistribution, you fool; and these alternatives might actually mean that you won't lose my vote. Christ Almighty, why this paucity of original thinking? I've got a good 20,000 words on economic reform in my favourite posts blogroll (they are easily numbered so you won't get too confused, you innumerate twat) but, for a good kick-off, why not visit Timmy's place?

It makes me want to weep sometimes, really it does...

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