Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mister Whiskers, in a comment on my post about how much I hate Michael Heath, extols the virues of the Daily Mail's Mac.

I love Mac, he's great (a style very reminiscent of Giles, I think). Not only are his cartoons well-drawn and funny, but you have the added bonus of trying to find the silhouette of his wife's head in every one (she's usually in the pattern on a jar, or a rug or similar)! The only ones in which she doesn't appear is when he's trying to make a really serious point, as in one about the IRA some years ago. Or when they have an argument...

At school, before the days of strict fire regulations, I stuck Mac cartoons all over the walls. By the time that I was halfway through my last year, the entirety of the exposed walls and ceiling of my room was covered in these cartoons (pinched from other people's copy of the Mail, obviously).

Does anyone else have an obsessive-compulsive disorder involving cartoonists?

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