Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The G-Gnome, The Kitchen and The Telegraph

Thank you to Tim and Peter for pointing out that The Kitchen features in The Telegraph today: well done to the G-Gnome for catching the selector's eye!
"It's a huge embarrassment for republicans," writes columnist Brian Feeney in the Irish News ( True, but no one comes out of this looking great, including the former Sinn Fein member and now, presumably, former British agent, Denis Donaldson. The blogs are bristling with accusation and conjecture. "Donaldson's revelations are a smokescreen," writes the G-Gnome in The Devil's Kitchen, "an attempt by Sinn Fein/IRA to keep itself relevant in a political structure it has done everything it can to undermine in its efforts to turn the island of Ireland into the Emerald Cuba." (

Anyone looking for the whole of Martin's original article will find it here.

UPDATE: Mr Eugenides has pointed out the intrinsic bias in my head: Telegraph, good: Guardian, bad. Interesting, that. I think that there's a certain delightful irony that it was Martin's piece that the Telegraph chose, given his enthusiastic kicking of that paper recently.

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