Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fuck you, Princess!

Thank the Lords that stout bulldogs like Mr FM and his ilk continue to stick two fingers up at Princess Toni and his kill-joy socialist cronies.
The fact that no one seems to give a stuff about my little Toni’s pernicious hunting ban made this morning all the morn all the more enjoyable – high & low were there, a complete cross section of society, all enjoying the this Boxing Day tradition & the spectacle. Long will it continue. Up yours Mr Blah, if you had any balls you would come down here & tell us what we can & cannot do … & even then we wouldn’t listen – we have better things to do with our time, like fox hunting ... !

I wish Bliar were there; maybe he would be tragically trampled to death in a shocking but totally delightful accident. Then the gentleman with the bird of prey who os probably at the hunt could let his pet peck our Princess's eyes out...

Via Chris, I find that—incensed by the mockery being made of their incompetent drafting of the law—Big Brother NuLabour are proposing yet more draconian powers.
Ten months after the ban on the sport Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, is being urged to give officers a right of access on private land to check hunting activity and to make arrests, The Times has learnt.

Police also want hunting crimes to be “recordable” offences, leaving those caught with a criminal record, thus allowing forces to keep track of persistent offenders.

Yeah, I'll bet they do. The police, very much on the side of our lords and masters and not on the side of right, as per fucking usual.
Far from consigning hunting to the history books the ban has given the 1,000-year-old sport a renaissance, with thousands more in the saddle or on foot in pursuit of a fox scent and sometimes accidentally hunting real foxes.

The hunting correspondent for Country Life describes the change as “a triumph” for the sport and believes that it has marshalled wider public opinion against government meddling in countryside ways. Senior hunting figures believe that there could be a Boxing Day record today — one of the most important dates in the hunting calender — as the ban has spurred a boom in the legal forms of the sport. These range from trail hunting to hound exercise clubs and hunting with a bird of prey.

Hahahahaha! I'm doubled over with laughter!
The call for more controls is revealed in The Times in an interview with Nigel Yeo, Assistant Chief Constable of Sussex and the public order spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), who advises forces on how to police the hunting ban.

Fuck him, and the horse that he rodfe in on, but definitely did not hunt on.
“The league would argue there is more activity of hunting on private land and not in the public view. I think that is right,” Mr Yeo said.

“There is no power of entry for police in the Act though there is a power of entry to seize items connected with hunting. There is not a power of entry to see what is going on or even to effect an arrest. Unless we have permission from the landowner we can’t go on private land as of right to effect an arrest. We (ACPO) have made the observation to Government that that right is not there and it could be an impediment on occasions.”

Yes, that's because it is private property, so you can take your fascist designs and stick them up your ludicrously well-paid arse.
He added: “I don’t know if this was an oversight or if a view was taken in Government that they did not wish to give us an unfettered right of access. It is a serious step and this country takes privacy very seriously.”

That's right. That's because we don't want to be like... oh.. Zimbabwe. Or Nazi Germany. Or Communist Russia.

Naturally, any law to allow the bastards to force their way onto private property or into private homes will not be abused, will only be used as a last resort. Remember, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Right?

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