Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Falconer denies existence of reality

The delightful Mr. C. Yoghurt Esq. has a lovely post up, that features a transcript of John Humphries interviewing Lord Falconer on the Today programme. Humphries ponders why the government is attacking free speech, when that evil piece of days-old dogshit who calls himself Blair (the PM, not the PC) once said:
"I pass protesters every day at Downing Street and believe me, you name it, they protest against it. I may not like what they call me but I thank God they can. That's called freedom."

Now, we all know that Blair's concept of freedom is slightly different from the what the rest of us believe it to be, but Falconer just gets silly. The conversation basically goes like this.

John Humphries (for it is he): "Black is black, isn't it, Lord Falconer?"

Lord Falconer of Enemas with Concentrated Sulphuric Acid: "I'm sorry, but that simply isn't the case. Black is white."

JH: "But someone has been arrested for saying that."

LFoEwCSA: "She wasn't banged up, so that's all OK. And I tell you black is white."

JH: "But she's got a criminal record. And white is defintely white."

LFoEwCSA: "Who cares? She's just a prole. And I tell you again black is white."

JH: "No, white is white."

LFoEwCSA: "John, every parliament in the world has taken steps to ensure that black is white."

Etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum ad nauseam

Go and read Justin's post: it's as good as ever.

Lord Falconer is as bad as Blair and, come my revolution, they will both be on the first rendition flight to Uzbekistan with "I am a Muslim dissenter" tattooed on their foreheads...

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