Monday, December 19, 2005

Ding dong, the Witch is dead...

Microsoft officially declares Internet Explorer is dead for Mac users. Good, about time too.
On its website Microsoft recommended that Mac users switch to "more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari".

I'm sure that they meant "decent" not "more recent", but anyone can make a copy mistake, eh?
The only potential problem for Mac users could be with websites designed to work exclusively with IE.

In June, web-testing firm SciVisum surveyed 100 UK websites and found that one in 10 of them failed to work properly on the Firefox browser.

This is not a problem for Mac users, at all. It is a problem for companies that want business from Mac users. Now, you might say that Mac users are only 5% of the computer using world, but if they can afford a Mac, then they are probably relatively well off (myself excluded, presently, but the point holds) and will probably have some cash to buy your product. If, however, I find a site that doesn't work with Firefox or Safari or Opera or Camino or Seamonkey or Netscape, then I'm not going to buy anything from that company. Quite simple, really. So here's the simple solution, spelled out in monkey language.

Company want web sales: company make website work with Mac browsers. Company don't know how, company hire these fine people...

Though on a serious note, please note that some web design companies (although not those fine people linked to above) will charge you extra for ensuring browser compatibility, and this cost will not appear on the quote. Just saying, is all.

Bizarrely, I was rung up yesterday by a bunch of people trying to sell me contacts. They got me to go to their site and then gave me a log-on. It didn't work. They asked if I was on a Mac; when I answered in the affirmative, they then told me that the site didn't work with Macs. Now, that firm, you see, got diddled by whoever built their site (it was in ASP-X, whatever the hell that is). That's one sale definitely lost to them, before I've even considered (and turned down) their deal.

I don't understand: why would you build, or commission, a site that is definitely going to stop you selling your product to even 1% of the population? Are they insane? Possibly. The whole debacle makes me think that they are idiots because:
  • They've been diddled into buying a site that doesn't work with some potential customers, and

  • They've annoyed the shit out of me because they have a site that doesn't work cross-platform and thus undermines the web as a tool to be used across all areas.

This means that, when I can remember what the hell the company were called, I'm going to recommend to my friends, who are in business, that they steer clear of that company by a million miles.

Nice one.


MatGB said...

Well said sir, well said. Haven't looked at it for ages, but the local cinema in Exeter had an IE only website. We regularly walked across town to the other one, it was easier.

OTOH, if IE is no longer going to be Mac supported, then it may finally push those crappy companies into ensuring compliance; today, my % users on IE is the highest it's been all week. 40%. The rest are mostly Fx, with a few Safari and Opera users. I is impressed.

Asides; isn't it ? You've put in the post.

Also, if you get paid by page views for blogads, don't you want the 'read comments' link to go to the blogger archive page at #comments not the make a comment pop-up?

chris said...

Do you mean .aspx ? That is the extension for Microsoft's ASP.NET, I use it lot here. But not really by choice as I'm mainly building on what other people start with the main project at the moment being in ASP.NET because the person that started it wanted another bullet point on his CV.

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