Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cameron continues to lose my vote

Via Timmy, another reason for laying into Cameron. It's because he's a dickhead.
Right, I’m calling this. It’s official. David Cameron is a dickhead. Not content with getting St Bobbo to misinform him on aid and poverty, little Zachariah to fill his pretty little head with absurdities about the environment now he’s done this:
David Cameron committed the Conservatives yesterday to a campaign to end the "scandal" of women being paid less for doing the same job as men.

He said that after 30 years of the Equal Pay Act, women's pay was still nearly a fifth lower than men's, and for women working part-time, the gap was around 40 per cent.

That’s the bit. He’s swallowed the propaganda hook, line and sinker. That figure is based on "research" released by the Equal Opportunities Commission and is, at the very least, mendacious and if we are honest is a lie. We would rather like to have as the Leader of the Opposition, as the PM in Exile, someone who is able to see through such smokescreens, to tease the truth from the noise that surrounds him. I mean, it’s not as if someone hasn’t explained it now, is it? Like myself at the Adam Smith Institute blog.

You can only reach the 40% figure by comparing full-time male wages with part-time female wages. That is not, in any way, "the same job". When we compare part-time male and part-time female wages in the private sector the difference is a shade over 10%.

So there you have it, proof positive. David Cameron says the gender gap in pay is 40%. And he’s based a speech and will base policies on that. And it’s not true. Q.E.D.

David Cameron. Dickhead.

But to my mind, the real turnoff is the fact that he is comtemplating addressing this at all. Is he thinks that this (mainly fictional) pay gap is wrong, then the only way that he can address it is through regulation. And, as we all we free marketeers know, government intervention in private business is a bad thing.

That the Conservatives are contemplating yet more regulation, rather than announcing sensible methods for rolling back the massive amount of red tape introduced by the present bunch of bastards, is contributing to the horrible foreboding that I have: that the next election will see us trying to choose between three identical parties, whose only difference will be in the names on the roster of hatred.

Cameron: dickhead.

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