Friday, December 16, 2005

App.ropriate Name

Ladies and gentlemen, your little Devil would like some help. No, not money (though it's always welcome!): we want a name.

My company is working on a little web application which can be used to organise meet-ups. You know when you and a bunch of mates want to go and see a film, but you can never quite work out who can do what at what time? You know when it becomes so difficult to keep track of things that it ends up not happening? Our little application would assist in letting people know when they can make some kind of meeting.

There are two markets for this: firstly, just friends organising a cinema outing or, and this is what inspired it, trying to get to an Edinburgh Festival show. Another is aimed at companies, either as an internal organisational tool within one large company (inspired by at least one of those companies that we've had to work with) or as a tool between several companies.

In due time, about a month or so, I will be soliciting for people to test it out and give feedback, but right now what we would like is suggestions for a name, and a tagline. My programmer is currently calling it Festival Herd, but I think that's a wee bit long, and I don't want it just associated with the Festival. I'm playing around with things like Frest, Gathr and FestMet. I would appreciate any ideas and, hey, if it goes well, there will be renumeration of some kind...

Any suggestions, in the comments, welcomed. Thank you.


Dennis Mangan said...


Anonymous said...


I dunno, I just always liked the word.

hack11 said...


Mister Whiskers said...

I always liked the word "Effervescent", but that's neither here nor there.

Otherwise, I have an application like that already. It's called a diary.

As for names... how about KeiraKnightlyNakedXXXanal PornJizzfestival?

You'll get a lot of interest, at least initially...

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