Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Women continue to make themselves unemployable

I am absolutely apoplectic with rage, courtesy of Mr Free Market.
I could comment along the lines of the publicly funded anti-business organisation, the Equal Opportunities Commission is cock a hoop, regardless of the wider implications of some numpty laws that militate against staff recruitment but first lets look at a few of the case facts as me’learned friends see them….

(a) Michelle Langton worked for Herbert Smith, earning £36,600 p.a. for working 2 ½ days a week, of which ½ a day a week was undertaken from home after having a baby. (Nice work if you can get it, eh readers?)

(b) She was made redundant while she was pregnant with her second child having refused to go back to work full time.

(c) Mrs Langton was awarded £40,000 by an employment tribunal & her employers, Herbert Smith were ordered to re-employ her on a part time basis.

Gleeming, if you are an employer, you clearly no longer have the right to actually ask your employees to do anything as mundane as to actually turn up for work. You can call me a tad old fashioned in this respect, but asking someone whose book cost to the company on an annualised basis is probably in excess of £200,000 to actually show up at the office 5 days week, doesn’t really seem altogether too unreasonable.

It seems that some women are determined to ensure that their siblings in the struggle against the evil, dominating patriarchal society never get a decent job. As a small business owner, does this sort of thing make me more or less likely to employ a woman?
I know that I have said this before, but trust me, this is worthy of repetition. Having children is a lifestyle choice, not a right. Not since Uncle Adolph got kicked out of office & the kybosh was put on his Aryan breeding programme has anyone HAD to have children – although the Chinese & Singaporeans are making a decent fist of it from time to time. If you want to have nippers go & have them - if you don’t, don’t. If your employer wants to keep you on or offer you a part time post, great. If not, tough. It’s a simple function of how your employer prices & values your contribution to the company.

Idiots like the [Equal Opportunities Commission] & ‘litigious’ Langdon just introduce market imperfections, inefficiency & hence extra costs. Extra costs in a world where purchasers can buy services just about anywhere is bad for British business.

Do you see? Governments create crises; political interference in the free market is the root of all evil.

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