Monday, October 17, 2005


As I have previously mentioned, I have a few projects on the go at the moment. The first to be released, from its burning cage, is Wikablog. Here, I interview myself—y'see? Split personalities can be useful!—about this exciting new project.

What is Wikablog?
Wikablog is an editable directory of blogs. It's that simple.

Blogs are becoming ever more popular in the public consciousness. High profile events, such as the live-blogging of the Tube bombings, assorted books and anthologies of blogs, and the new concept of "citizen reporters" is raising awareness. The idea of Wikablog is to allow people, both established bloggers and those who may be looking at blogs for the first time, to get an idea of what blogs they may want to start reading. This is why all of the blogs are allocated categories.

What is a wiki, and why is this blog directory set up as one?
The idea is that bloggers can not only enter their own blog, but they can also edit entries and opinions on other blog entries. They can even add new categories. In this way, bloggers can be, if you like, peer-reviewed. We hope that bloggers will keep coming back to see if people have added anything to their own entries. We hope that people new to the world of blogging will keep checking in to see what new blogs have been added, and what people have had to say about them.

How many blogs are on there?
At present, we have about 20 blogs. We have been doing testing with a few friends over the last few weeks, and are now ready to open the Wikablog to all. There are some features that have yet to be added, such as a blog counter, and few other widgets; however, we felt that it was more important to get people contributing before we started out. We also have the Wikablog logo to finalise and add in, and we are considering Wikablog merchandise. However, obviously, we wanted to gauge take-up rates first.

Why the "For the love of God, no!" tagline?
It was a bit of a joke. Wikablog = Wicker Blog = The Wicker Man. Hem hem. We would, naturally, appreciate feedback on that. We thought that it was memorable, though possibly not positive. As pointed out above, Wikablog is still, sort of, a work in progress.

And who is "we" exactly?
Wikablog is run by Tim, Jo and your humble Devil.

So what now?
Go and sign up. Full instructions are included and no coding is required. You can help us to make a central resource, to raise the profile of blogging in general, and bring more traffic to your site in particular. You can go and add your review of other blogs, or recommend your favourites. We want to gets all of the thousands of blogs out there participating: we've got the bandwidth! Pretty much the only rules are that your entries stay civil (it's a directory resource, not a discussion forum), and that you do not post anonymously. So, go and sign up at

Already entered your blog? Get your "Listed on WikaBlog" logo. Or burn the Wikaman!

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