Friday, October 28, 2005

Who will rid me of this troublesome Chancellor?

Bliar has given a speech at Hampden Court inviting the EU to run our lives a little more closely. This rather extraordinary meeting has Our Dear Leader urging the EU to take over tax policy, energy policy and research funding.
Tony Blair yesterday invited the European Union to extend its reach into a sweeping range of new - and sensitive - policy areas, from company taxation to university reforms, a "common energy policy" for Europe and the management of immigration.

This is a gross betrayal of the British people, and a sure road to disaster. The EU has never exactly shown a light touch on the reins of economic management, preferring instead to micromanage businesses by the application of a million little rules and regulations, each one more expensive to implement than the last. The moribund economies of the Eurozone are a stark illustration of the iniquities of EU economic policy.
Mr Blair said it was time for a common European energy policy, including "common views" on the possibilities of nuclear power.

"For far too long, we have been in the situation where in a haphazard and random way energy needs and energy priorities are simply determined by each country according to its needs, but without any sense of the collective power we could have in Europe if we were prepared to pool our resources," he said.

Each country determining what it needs and producing it?! How dare they? And nuclear power—is he mad?

Let's be clear, I am not a fan of nuclear fission power. Reasons, briefly, include:
  1. Nuclear power is expensive and still heavily subsidised (in this country, at least). It has never paid for itself, which is why it is still controlled by the government.

  2. Nuclear powerstations are expensive to build and have a working life of only a little over 30 years. They then have to be decommissioned (an expensive process in itself) and, essentially, buried under a big hill.

  3. There is still the vexed question of the waste. It is not much for a year, but it builds and we still don't really have a solution as to what to do with it. Burying it just isn't good enough.

There are better energy solutions being worked on, let's put the money into these other options (and, no, I'm not talking fucking wind turbines, because they are crap too).

Anyway, back to the point: why is Darling Toni encouraging the EU to take on these competancies? Well, if the EU controls economic power, investment and taxation, that pretty well emasculates Gordon, doesn't it? And, with the British economy heading for a severe pounding (with no reserves to spend its way out of the inevitable and rapidly approaching recession), Toni's going to need a scapegoat for it. Gordon won't do: he's too closely associated with the Labour government. However, if the EU were to take over, even partially, Bliar could happily blame the British economic fuck-up on them.

"Look, guys", he can say, "you know, I... tried to get them to reform, I really did. But, you know, they just wouldn't do it. I mean, it wasn't our fault. Vote for me; I'll sort it all out..."

What a twat.

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