Monday, October 31, 2005

Up the Lords!

Talk Politics does a superb fisking—and far superior to mine which, frankly, descended into an ad hominem rant—of Neil's ID Card defence. Unity sums up all of the best points, both on principle and technical grounds, and presents them in a clear and patient way. Especially if you are still wavering on the ID question, this is essential reading.

Linked to that, of course, is the fact that only the Lords stand between us and this iniquitous law. This has led Oscar Wildebeest and The Moai to the distressing conclusion (for them, by the sound of it) that only these unelected peers can possibly save us. In the Moai's case, he has removed the Elect The Lords button from his blog.
We can only hope the Lords organise to crush it out of sight - they've done this for most of the government's loopy schemes, so they can damn well do it for this one. After all, one advantage of being a Lord is that you're never up for re-election so you're free to tell a government of your own colour to go and stick their ideas where the Sun don't shine.

This has always been my view, and the reason why I have never supported an elected second chamber. What is the point of having a second House filled with yet more politicians who must kow-tow to their Party line? The independence of the Lords, especially the Hereditaries, has always been an bulwark against the most totalitarian whims of too-powerful governments. This is why we must keep the Lords as they are or, for my preference, reinstate the Hereditaries who were ejected under NuLabour's exciting new initiative. For what happened? Yup, Our Dear Leader merely filled the House with his cronies.

This government must be curbed. Only an unelected House of Lords, with the ability to defy their patrons and look to the future—beyond the next election—can save us from being tagged and controlled by this fascist government.

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