Friday, October 21, 2005

Those ID card issues in full fudged

Via ChickenYoghurt (I see chickens, but no yoghurt), this Register article on the whimsies of the fat, lying fuck running the Home Office. Big Fat Brother Charles is being slightly economical with the actualité again.
Clarke's answer (which we reproduce in full below), was intended to convey the impression that the price for an ID card has now been fixed at £30, that this price can be achieved within the Home Office's estimated costs for the full scheme, that KPMG says that these costs are themselves realistic, and that public opinion remains strongly in favour of ID cards. But Clarke didn't actually say any of these things, and at least some of what he said suggests that the truth will turn out to be radically different from the impression conveyed.

That slap-up feed and bottle of Moet are still up for grabs, people...

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