Friday, October 28, 2005

The tail wags the dog...

It's always gratifying to know that you are being read, but are these stat counters actually a curse? I didn't really have time to blog yesterday, and my hits dropped to less than half the amount over the previous week. Anyway, fear not, plenty to come...

I would just like to take another moment to plug the Wikablog—The Editable Blog Directory. There's a couple of points to note here.
  1. This is a blog directory and we want to try to get as many blogs as possible on there. However, Tim, Jo and myself do not have the time to go and sign up every blog out there, so please do sign yourself up. Some people have expressed reservations about "shameless self-promotion" and other such things. Don't worry about it, just sign up and a include a reasonable summary of your blog.

  2. Try to pick out some point that makes your writing original or quirky, even post a sample entry; there are so many political/economics 'blogs out there, you want to give people a reason to come to yours!

  3. Start reviewing other blogs (although this is not a discussion forum, so please keep it relatively polite). Most people are going to appreciate feedback and comments on what they write (why else would most of us keep our comments enabled?) so feel free to add to or disagree with the author's assessment of what he does (although, please do not write anonymously). This will also help to direct people to your Wikablog listing and then, hopefully, to your blog. Some examples of reviewed entries are here and here.

  4. We currently have 69 73 entries: we want hundreds, and then thousands. This is why it's important to leave your mark on as many entries as possible, so that people can find yours!

  5. Don't worry about mucking anything up. If you have a problem, my email is on the contact page, plus I try to review the site once a day, or so, to tidy up any stray pages.

So, go, sign up! We can help get traffic to your blog! Sign up to the Wikablog—The Editable Blog Directory (and don't forget to post the logo on your site)!

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