Monday, October 24, 2005

Suffer the little children...

Whilst I continue my long post fisking of one of the only two fucking idiots defending ID cards, I shall direct you towards another good post by Tiny Judas.
First Tim Lott who manages to wow us with the revelation that Britian is a little bit complicated, sometimes repressive and at other times not. Well stick me in a floral dress and call me Susan, who would have guessed? Surely anyone who's been following Lost knows that when you crash 60 people on an island, liberty and oppression, tolerance and prejudice flow back and forth with every new generic plot incident. Now, times that by a million (the people and the generic incidents) and he thinks this is commentary?

What's more annoying however is his repeated 'these aren't facts but I'm saying them anyway' attitude to journalism.

Most enjoyable, as per usual.

Meanwhile, over at Rhetorically Speaking, Gordon Ramsey is full of shit...

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