Monday, October 03, 2005


... happily admit that they have fuck-all idea about how the world works.
STUDENTS at Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy have rejected the institution’s name because they say that it is synonymous with exploitation and greed.

Paul Muirhead, leader of the Jennie Lee College Students’ Association, said that the decision to name the college after Smith appeared to come out of nowhere. “We didn’t feel that Adam Smith represented the values a student association should stand for,” he said. “He is associated with socio- economic policies that work against the people, that were synonymous with Thatcherite and Reaganite governments.

Paul Muirhead is a wanker. And, if he would like to sue me for libel, I would like him to prove that he has never, in his entire life, played with his own cock.
Although the name has still to be approved by the board of governors, a spokesman said that it was unlikely to be opposed and that the students were “free to call themselves a name of their own choosing”.

Why don't they call themselves the "Ignorant Wankers' Union"? That would sum them up as well as anything.
But Eamonn Butler, director of the Adam Smith Institute in London, said that the students had misunderstood what the economist stood for. “It is rather childish and it is based on a complete misunderstanding of what Adam Smith actually believed in,” he said.

“It’s actually very hard to pigeonhole him as being right wing. His work on the theory of moral sentiment is all about sympathy for people, which isn’t really about being left or right wing at all. He believed in free markets because that was the best way to make the poor better off.”

Rather childish? These people have absolutely sod all knowledge about economics. Free markets (that's "free", not "free, kind of, but with a wee bit of regulation") do make people richer. If even Owen advocates free trade, then the case is made.
Marilyn Livingstone, Labour MSP for Kirkcaldy and a former lecturer at Fife College, said that the move should not be seen as controversial.

“Jennie Lee is a very famous Labour minister who made massive contributions in the education sector,” she said.

What? A Labour MP suports the reputation of a Labour MP? Well, fuck me rigid, that is a turn up for the books. And she made massive contributions to the educations sector? Really? Where are they? The education sector seems to be Britain's major failure, impacting on thousands, if not millions, of people in this country. Although, this college manage to better their ignorance with this little gem.
In a snub to Gordon Brown, who was installed as the college’s chancellor on Thursday and regards the founding father of free-market economics as one of his heroes, the students have instead chosen an Old Labour figurehead for their name— Jennie Lee, a local miner’s daughter who went on to become the first female Labour MP and wife of Nye Bevan, founder of the National Health Service.

Gordon Brown, as socialist Chancellor, who is most emphatically not a free market man, is the chancellor of a college named after Adam Smith? What the fuck is going on? I think that an open letter is on the cards.

Dear Peter Muirhead,

Have you ever studied and understood economics? Furthermore, have you ever studied and understood marketing? You have placed yourself slightly below Peter Mandelson in the hierarchy of those who have any kind of fucking intellect. You student tosser. I can't believe that I'm subsidising your "education".

I would like to, respectfully, suggest that you go and learn some economics rather than just handily grabbing a few half-baked ideas and pretending that you have any fucking idea what you are talking about.



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