Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh look, I'm right again...

Over a number of posts, I have highlighted the likelihood of Iranian involvement in the Iraqi "insurgancy". I have added that it is, in fact, calculated Iranian foreign policy designed at the very least, to keep the Allies bogged down—thus unable, logistically or politically, to attack Iran—and, at worst (from our point of view), as a territory grab for radical Sharia Islam.

The discovery of Iranian weapons in Iraq backed up my theory. And now, it seems that the Iranian army, or special forces, are in Southern Iraq (at least).
Britain has accused Iran of responsibility for explosions which have caused the deaths of all eight UK soldiers killed in Iraq this year.

A senior British official, briefing correspondents in London, blamed Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

He said they provided the technology to a Shia group in southern Iraq. The Iranians had denied this, he added.

While UK officials have hinted at an Iranian link before, this is the first specific allegation to be made.

And now, it seems that even the Saudis agree with me.
Talks between Iranian and Saudi Arabian officials have reportedly been postponed, days after the Saudis voiced concern about Iran's influence in Iraq.

Saudi Arabia recently voiced disquiet over the ascendancy of Shias and the prospect of sectarian war in Iraq, which it borders, along with Iran.

There are times that I am simply not happy to be right (even though I do congratulate myself, smugly, on my prescience).

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